Our Story

Hey! I'm Sage

Hey there! I'm Sage, a down-to-earth mama and wife with a passion for all things magickal. When I'm not chasing after my little one, I'm diving into the spiritual world—whether it's astral projection, crafting art, casting spells, or delving into tarot cards; I enjoy it all! As the Sage behind Sage and Sol, I'm here to guide you through spiritual rituals and ceremonies that light up your soul. Let's embark on this enchanting journey together! 

And I'm Sol

My love for magick came to me about 10 years ago, although I always felt it deep inside of me I didn’t start collecting crystals, learning about the magical properties of herbs or performing rituals until much later in my life. My constant fear of judgment kept me from embracing this path, but I have since found the courage to be my true self and follow my own path. We (Me and my sister) created Sage and Sol to share our love for this beautiful universe we are so blessed to experience, to help heal others through energy and vibration, and to help others remember the magick that lies within.