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Sage and sol

Amazonite Points

Amazonite Points

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Amazonite is more than just a beautiful stone. Adored by ancient Egyptians, Greek warriors, and magicians of yore, Amazonite has long been treasured for its power and mythical properties. This crystal has the potential to heal, balance and protect your energy, making it an essential item in any metaphysical and spiritual toolkit.

This captivating crystal is mined in the mountainous regions of Russia, Brazil and Peru, and is known for its powerful ability to realign the chakras and balance the physical, emotional and mental bodies. As a result, Amazonite is often used for self-discovery, relaxation and peace of mind.

The stunning blue-green color of Amazonite is also believed to symbolize the power of truth and communication. Incorporating this crystal into everyday life can help bring clarity to difficult situations and foster an increased awareness of one’s thoughts, emotions and intentions.
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