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Carnelian Bracelet

Carnelian Bracelet

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Carnelian is a powerfully energizing crystal that can help you tap into your spiritual and creative energies. This sacred crystal is believed to possess healing abilities as it works to balance the energies of your body and mind.

This gemstone is associated with the root chakra, which represents our connection to the physical world. Carnelian helps to stimulate courage, creativity and passion, while also increasing motivation and self-confidence. It can also provide a sense of stability and support when used in spiritual healing.

Carnelian can enhance the power of any craft. Witches use it to draw energy from the universe and mix it with their own natural powers to create magickal spells. Artists use it to access their inner energy and unlock their creative potential. Its strong red and orange tones will be a beautiful addition to any altar, and its supportive energy is a powerful source of spiritual protection.
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