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Celestite 683g

Celestite 683g

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Celestite has the ability to activate and open the third eye, crown and higher crown chakras, while also providing a conduit for divine energy to enter the body. With Celestite, you can explore new heights of spiritual enlightenment, clarity, and inner peace.

This unique crystal is known for its vibrant blue hue, which comes from its high concentration of strontium. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also emits powerful vibrations through its myriad of crystal formations. From its delicate angel formations to its striking, star-like clusters, Celestite can be used to help banish negative energy and to attract wisdom, spiritual growth, and calming energy.

Celestite can help you clear your mind of distracting and negative energy, allowing you to connect more deeply with your higher self and experience true spiritual enlightenment. Whether you're looking for a deeper connection with your spiritual life or are in search of a tool to ease everyday stress, Celestite is the perfect crystal.
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