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Sage and sol

Sage x Turquoise Sinuata

Sage x Turquoise Sinuata

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Sage and Turquoise Sinuata together, creates a powerful force for positive change. When burned they can transform a space that was once stagenet into one that is filled with positive, healing energies. Turquoise amplifies the energy of the Sage and amplifies your intentions to manifest and manifest healing, peace and balance.

Sage has long been used to purify and cleanse the air of negative energies, while Turquoise Sinuata is known to reduce mental and emotional stress, promote spiritual balance, and increase flow of positive energy.

Sage and Turquoise Sinuata together can:

Help you transform and heal your life
Open your heart to potential and awaken your spiritual senses
Strengthen your intuitive abilities
Help reduce stress, remove negative energy, improve focus and clarity, restore balance, and enhance your connection to the spiritual realm.
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