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Sage and sol

Selenite Flower of Life Harmonizers

Selenite Flower of Life Harmonizers

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Feel connected and balanced with the Selenite Flower of Life Harmonizers. These spiritual healing tools help restore harmony and balance to your life, making it easier to manifest abundance, inner peace, and clarity.

Using the centuries-old transformative power of selenite, the Flower of Life Harmonizers harness the frequencies of your highest self to balance your chakras and promote an overall sense of well-being. The harmonic vibrations of the selenite align with the universal energies of the earth and your own personal vibration – making it easier to clear away negative energy and align with your higher purpose.

These unique and powerful spiritual tools offer benefits beyond healing and energy alignment. Crafted with love and intention, they help you to connect with your true self and open the door to manifesting your deepest desires. Each Flower of Life Harmonizer is hand-carved with precise geometric patterns that amplify the selenite's powerful energy.
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