5 Reasons Why Your Spells Don't Work

Are your spells not quite working for you? Are you beginning to question if magick is even real? Do spells actually work?

Do you have thoughts such as “I’m not powerful enough to cast a spell?”, or “Witchcraft just isn’t for me!”. Are you starting to doubt yourself and your abilities?

If you answered, “YES!!” to experiencing any of these types of thoughts, it is probably because you have witnessed your own spells constantly failing.

I know that it can be frustrating! You may have purchased the latest Witchcraft supplies, or bought intention-filled spells from other Witches, but nothing seems to be working for you! 

Why your spells don’t work

There can be many different reasons why your spells are not working for you.  The first reason that your spells may be failing can be due to your inability to get past your own limited beliefs.  When performing spells, it is easy for our thoughts to wander into limited beliefs of, “I am not powerful enough!”, or my favorite, “I’m just a baby witch.”  

A second reason why your spells may be failing is due to lack of effort.  Often new Witches perform their spells halfheartedly and don’t put much effort into the intricacies of their spell work once the spell has been completed. Most spells take extra actions on behalf of the spell caster. For example, if you perform a new job spell, you cannot sit at home and wait for the job to find you.  You must put effort into finding that dream job by putting in applications, preparing for interviews and networking to find that job.  If you are finding yourself not putting in the required effort to manifest that dream job, it is unlikely that your spell will work as expected. If you are looking for love, are you putting the effort into finding love? Are you putting yourself in situations where you can potentially find love?  Are you dating? Are you going out and seeking that love at first sight, or are you just waiting for it to appear within the confines of your home?

A third reason why spells fail to manifest is due to unclear intentions. Setting intentions is a fundamental part of spell work as most spells begin with the setting of intentions.  It is a major ingredient in performing any type of spell.  If you find yourself using words like, “I hope”, or, “I wish”, then your intentions may be unclear. You may need to assess the intentions of your spells and ask if your intentions are vague? Are your intentions confusing?  

A fourth reason why spells fail to manifest is due to fear! It is not uncommon for new Witches to have fearful thoughts when performing spells.  Thoughts such as, “will this spell backfire on me?” “will something bad happen to me?”, can inadvertently cause your spell to fail. Spells must be performed in complete confidence, and if fear surrounds you then that may be a reason why your spells are not working for you. Confidence is key in magick! 

The fifth reason why your spells might not be working for you is because they simply are not meant to happen…..ouch that one stings! You’re probably saying to yourself, “why even perform spells if this is a possibility?” While that is a possibility, it is not as likely to  occur, but I will get into the “whys” and “hows” a little later in this lovely conversation.

How Do Spells Work?

"spread your magic" a jar with crystals, the sun, moon and stars

Before I go further into detail on each of the 5 reasons why your spells don’t work, I want to talk about what actually causes your spells to manifest in your life, and you may hear different Witches give different answers to this question. Let me first remind you that every belief is valid. It is your job to choose the beliefs that deeply resonate with you. 

For me (Sol), I believe that we as Witches are the conductors of magick. We are powerful beings that possess the power to create our own reality. Really this phenomenon is not limited to just Witches, as everyone holds this power.  Most people just don’t know it, and go through life ignorant to the understanding of their own power. 

Our life story was created by us. We have created all the perceived good and bad that has come into our life. What I’m trying to say is that it is you…yes YOU are the magick, everything else is just extra. You don’t need Rose petals and Jasmine flowers to manifest love, you alone can do it. You can do this by simply setting the intention to find love, which will cause you to vibrate at the right frequency to find love. You are the herb, you are the crystal, you are the God you worship. You are everything! 

Now that you know, and hopefully understand, (because I know that was a lot, but bear with me), that it is YOU that causes your spells to work or not to work. This should help you understand why all 5 of the reasons why your spells may not be working revolve around YOU and nothing else.

Ok i’m done blabbering lets go more into detail of these 5 reasons….are you ready?


the magic is in you quote

The reasons why your spells Don’t Work

1. Limited beliefs

Limited beliefs are statements that you say about yourself, others, or the universe that…..well put limits on you, other people, or the world. We all hold limited beliefs about ourselves. We tend to be our biggest enemy. 

When performing spells….especially if you have just started performing them, it is easy to let your thoughts drift into beliefs that hold you back from manifesting the things you desire most. 

I’m sure you are familiar with the phrase “What you eat you become”, well the same is true for the beliefs you hold about yourself. “What you believe, you become”

If in the midst of performing spells you begin telling yourself “I’m not good enough”,  “I don’t know what I’m doing”, or even, “ Nothing ever works for me”, then that is the reality you will create.

With these types of thoughts, what do you think the outcome of your spell will be? Even going into a spell with these types of beliefs will push what you desire further away from you. 

You will become not good enough. You won’t know what you’re doing, and it won’t work for you. 

Like I said earlier, when performing magick, confidence is key. When you begin spell work doubting your natural abilities and putting limits on what you can accomplish it will hinder the outcome of your spells. 

I’m going to be honest, letting go of limited beliefs is hard…really hard! Even for me. I hold countless limited beliefs about myself that I struggle to let go of constantly, but with patience and consistency it gets easier! 

Three things that I have done that helped me push through my limited beliefs are the following:

  • Reciting Positive Affirmations – I love affirmations because they push you to think differently of yourself, even if for just a second. Whenever I realize that my thoughts are being overpowered by limited beliefs, I replace that unwanted belief with something that aligns more to who and what I desire myself to be. For example, if I say “I’m stupid”, I will repeat to myself that, “I am intelligent”, and will even give example on why I am intelligent.
  • Meditation – I love meditation! It allows you to be completely present with yourself without all the extra chatter from the world around you. There are many different guided meditations you can listen to that can guide you in releasing beliefs that hold you back. You can also meditate in silence or even with music! There are many options when it comes to meditating! 
  • Shadow work on the limited belief(s) – Lastly, my favorite thing to counter limited beliefs is shadow work! Shadow work pushes you to face aspects of yourself that you have repressed or are not even fully conscious of. When working through a limited belief you will be pushed to go deep within yourself to find the cause and reason behind the limited belief you have, which in turn will help you let go of the limited belief.  

If after trying all three different exercises you realize that you’re still having trouble letting go of a limited belief, just do your best to not focus on it during your spell work. Putting in the effort is sometimes all you must do. If you need more resources on letting go of limited beliefs check out our blogs, ‘Conquering limited beliefs’, or even check out our podcast, The Modern Witch Academy on Spotify Episode 15, where we go into greater detail on limited beliefs.

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2. No action

Real magick is not always as it seems on television. You know, where a Witch snaps her/his fingers and what they want comes right to them. Many Witches believe that’s how magick works. They perform a spell and just wait for it to appear in their life without putting any other effort into attaining what they desire. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you can perform a spell where you don’t have to do anything and it comes to you, but most spells take action on your part. 

Let’s say you perform a money spell. More than likely you’re not going to wake up with money all around you. Usually, you may receive ideas in your thoughts of ways you can obtain more money. Like changing your job, working more hours, or starting that business you have been talking about for years. You may go out and play the lottery and win the jackpot, you may call a friend who suddenly has the urge to help you out. 

Usually spells manifest through your actions, and it’s the most vital step to a successful spell. Say there is a co-worker who you have a crush on, so you perform a love spell with him/her in your mind. You return to work, and you make no effort to talk to that person. You do nothing but wait for the magick to occur. Usually nothing will happen, but if you put in the effort to grab their attention, talk to them, even ask them out on a date, then your chances of having your love spell come to fruition is even stronger. 

So, you may be thinking, “well what is the point of performing spells if I still have to work for it?” Wouldn’t it be better to just skip the spell and go right for it?

And yeah, you could if you wanted to, but spells give you that extra confidence that is sometimes needed to manifest the things we want in life, it’s like adding salt to eggs. It makes the outcome even better. 

So remember, after a spell is complete, there is still work to do!

3. Intention is not clear

How you speak and communicate your desires into the universe has a huge impact on how effective they will be for you. When you set your intention, it’s important to be as detailed as possible. If money is what you desire, how do you want it to come to you? How much do you want? When do you want it? Literally get as detailed as you can! 

Also, what words are you using to convey your desires? For example, say you are performing a money spell. Would you say things like I hope money comes my way or I wish money comes my way. Those two statements both weaken your spell. The first one sounds limiting, as if you’re not too sure you will receive what you seek.  The second is saying “you’re wishing or hoping” to manifest this money.  This lacks confidence and leaves for an unclear intention 

Learning to change the way you speak is difficult! Especially when you have spoken the way you speak for years! So, one thing you could do is speak as if your desires are already yours, through gratitude. For example, If you were performing a love spell, you could say, “thank you, (spirit, God, universe, ect) for providing me with the love I seek. He/she is honest, affectionate, handsome, and driven. The exact qualities I desired in my lifelong partner”. 

Another thing you can do to make sure your intentions are clear, precise, and detailed is to write them out first. This is something I do almost every time I do my own spells. Writing my intentions down before reciting them has helped me tremendously in manifesting the things I want in my life. 

Writing down your intentions will give you time to really think them through. It will help you understand exactly what you want. It will allow you to go back and remove any words that are vague or confusing, and it will help you to be as detailed as you can be.   

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4. You experience Fear

Do you approach your spells in fear? Do you believe that karma is waiting for you on the other side? Or something evil? Are you fearful you may perform a spell that ends up cursing you? If so, that could be another reason why your spells are not working. Most of us are fearful beings. I mean we do live in a fear-based world unfortunately, and sadly performing magick is something that is highly frowned upon by most people. 

So how does one let go of fear while performing spells? 

If you are about to perform a spell and you notice that fear is creeping up on you, don’t do the spell. Take some time to reflect on where the fear is coming from. Are you new to Witchcraft and afraid you don’t know what you are doing? Is the spell you are performing coming from a place of love, or is the spell going against your beliefs? Did someone else tell you something that is making you fearful? 

While there can be hundreds of reasons why fear can arise during spell work it’s important to remember that spells should be done in confidence and love. Never perform a spell when you are afraid as the spell will most likely not happen and any negative experience after the spell will probably be blamed on the spell. 

It can be hard to let go of fear that arises during a spell. Sometimes it’s best to just take a break from it, and to do some reflection work on why that fear is within you. Some things that can help you release fear is to say positive affirmations such as I am safe and protected. You can work on your Root chakra by doing meditations that focus on this chakra, you can wear or incorporate Root chakra crystals in your spell such as Black Tourmaline or Black Obsidian as they are both very protective crystals. Another thing you can do is to perform a protection spell before doing the spell that you had in mind, as that too may help ease your mind and push fear out of the way. 

5. It’s not meant to work

Before I go any further, I want to start by saying most spells usually do work! Don’t be discouraged by my 5th reason why your spells might not be working. When we desire certain experiences in our life it’s because they are meant for us to experience. We are the creators of our life! Yet we normally don’t realize it, and sometimes we need a little extra confidence, motivation, and push to bring the experiences we want into our lives. Luckily for us spells give us that extra confidence, motivation, and push we need to bring our intentions to life. Personally, I have never done a protection spell and didn’t feel protected afterward. How about you?

Although most spells do work, there are some that just don’t! No matter how much confidence we have. No matter how hard we try. Unfortunately, there are some things in life we are just not supposed to experience. They just don’t align with the life journey we have chosen for ourselves, and although it might suck…. it’s what makes life so mysterious. We never truly know what’s coming next until it’s right in front of us. 

I also want to add that you may feel as if a spell is not meant to work because it’s not coming fast enough. When we feel that way we begin to lose that confidence and motivation that we had immediately after performing the spell, and we stop giving that desire our all…..which in turn causes it to not appear in our life. Some spells take days, months, and some even years! Yes I said years! It took over 5 years to manifest my pregnancy. Time doesn’t exist in the universe, so don’t give up on the things you want!


There can be countless reasons why your spells are not manifesting into your life, but these 5 reasons are what I have witnessed many Witches go through. If I can leave you with any advice, it would be to remember that you are capable and full of magick! You have the power to manifest the most beautiful life, and that’s something no one can take away from you. You are powerful!

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